What is Galvalume® and Galvalume Plus®
Galvalume® is the name of the coating applied to bare sheet steel products that acts as a two-punch barrier to the elements. It is comprised of 55% aluminum, 1.6% silicon and 43.4% zinc. The coating is applied to the base metal in a continuous hot dip method. The product is described in ASTM-792, coating classes of AZ 50, AZ 55 and AZ 60. These classes equate to an average minimum coating thickness of .50, .55 and .60 ounces per square foot.

Why is Galvalume® better than galvanized coated steel sheets?
After 23 years of continuous exposure to the real world of: severe marine, agricultural, industrial and rural environments Galvalume® proved more durable than comparably coated G-90 galvanized steel products. (G-90 = .9 oz. coating per sq. ft. of zinc) It actually out performed G-90 galvanized products in the same environments by two to four times. In other words, they resisted corrosion that much better.

Would a Galvalume® panel feel lighter than a G-90 galvanized panel?
Remember that the Galvalume® coating is comprised of 55% aluminum which is half the weight of steel by volume. So, two ten foot sheets of identical panels; one coated with Galvalume® and one coated with G-90 galvanized, the galvanized panel would weigh approximately six tenths of an ounce (.6 oz) more. The galvanized coating being heavier in weight only.

Are Galvalume® coated panels as strong as G-90 galvanized coated sheets?
Weather the coating is G-90 or Galvalume® has nothing to do with the strength of the panel. Gauge, rib height, rib spacing and the tensile strength of the steel are basically what determine a panel’s strength. ABC’s roof and wall panels are 29 gauge, full hard 80,000 to 120,000 yield steel and can match strength with any comparable panel configuration. Load charts are provided for most of our panels.

Is Galvalume® the best choice for all applications?
Galvalume® sheets are your product of choice for most agricultural, commercial, industrial and rural applications. (Refer to Bethlehem Tech Bulletin TYB-208 - Also refer to ABC’s published Galvalume 25 year limited warranty.) However, bare or painted Galvalume® sheets are not recommended for use in hog or cattle confinement buildings. These structures are subject to extremely corrosive environments due to the presence of animal waste and their decomposition by-products. Many coated sheet materials, including galvanized, exhibit higher than normal rates of corrosion in these environments. While no one warrants steel coated products for these applications, G-90 or higher coated steel panels are used extensively in the confinement industry, as is .019 or thicker aluminum panels.

Does Galvalume® have a 25 year warranty?
YES. Bare Galvalume® or Galvalume Plus® sheet steel with AZ 5 coating is warranted under exposure to normal atmospheric conditions for a period of twenty five years against rupture, perforation or structural failure due to corrosion. (Refer to ABC’s published 25 year limited Galvalume® warranty.) With ABC’s color coated steel Galvalume panels you get today’s STATE OF THE ART Millennium® 3000 paint system, formulated especially for ABC. ABC’s 30 year limited paint warranty provides protection from chalk and fade throughout the term of the warranty. Check out our published warranty for the specific details. Copies are available at your point of purchase or call or write for a copy at the nearest ABC facility.

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