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Brice and Company Limited is a top Quality Manufacturer of Building Supplies
and Products of metal and plastic industry.

Who is Brice and Company Limited

Brice and Company Limited is a top Quality Manufacturer of Building Supplies.
When Brice and Company Metal roofing opened for business in 1999 the idea was to
create a quality product that would both beautify and protect our customer’s most
valuable investment – their homes. As a member of the Metal Roofing Alliance and
NRCA, we pride ourselves in offering only the highest quality materials and
craftsmanship, taking our clients’ homes and dramatically increasing their value and
curb appeal

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The Brice Advantages

We are problem solvers and committed to achieving results and success.

We will be respectful and fair to all of our clients.
We endeavor to exceed customer expectations

Our culture of teamwork allows us
to work together within the
Company and with our
customers, to deliver better
solutions to collectively
accomplish our goals

Each employee should show initiative and be motivated by a desire to win, to commit, and to succeed.

We are committed to
achieve excellence by
continuous employee
training and talent

We are constantly
focused on production
and quality control.

Above all else, we believe in being an ethical, dependable company that focuses on quality

Our Philosophy

We are committed to achieving sustained Success through a culture rooted in internal and external
customer centricity as the fuel that keeps our primary weapon of success; the spirit of innovation.

Our Mission

The mission of Brice & Company is to provide the domestic & regional markets with superior products & services through innovations that improve customer quality of life while simultaneously satisfying customer needs.

Our Vision

Brice and Company’s vision is to be the preferred supplier of roofing materials, steel products for the construction industry and plastics in the
domestic and regional markets.

Our Goals

Brice & Company is
committed to distinguishing
itself as an exceptional corporatecitizen
while simultaneously providing
shareholders with a superior rateof
return on investment.




Fasteners are used with our aluminum hangers to securely attach the gutter system to the structure.

Gutter Guards

Gutter Guards are coverings or screens for your gutter system that are designed to keep them from clogging. They offer several benefits, including saving time and money on maintenance, preventing water damage, protecting against pests, reducing the risk of mold and mildew, and increasing the lifespan of your gutters.